Issue Management, Inc. (IMI) is a full-service public affairs firm that can help you successfully overcome policy challenges.

IMI’s President and Campaign Manager is Christopher C. Hull, Ph.D. Chris has a unique background that helps him manage issues for you. He’s a Capitol Hill veteran, having served four tours in its halls, most recently as a Chief of Staff to a senior member of the U.S. House of Representatives, so he can help you navigate that world. He’s also worked at the state level, as the Majority Caucus Staff Director of an early nomination-contest state’s Senate, so he can help you make a difference at the state and local level as well. He’s run a public affairs technology startup, BlastRoots, Inc. that recently sold its core product, so he can help you avoid the pitfalls in policy tech. And he can guide you from more than a decade of experience specifically in corporate public affairs, including as a partner at DCI Group LLC and as the Campaign Manager, U.S. Public Affairs for Hill & Knowlton.

Working with his career-wide network of relationships, Chris can provide services to you that include the entire suite of tools available for building successful policy initiatives. He and his team can help you craft the most appropriate strategies, recommend the ideal tactics to put those strategies into practice, build out the tactics once the approach is set, turn to the most finely-tuned expertise available on your particular challenge, and execute the plan seamlessly.

Specifically, IMI can help you manage:

Mobilizing Grassroots Support
Tapping Internet Activists
Generating Earned and Paid Media
Building and Managing Coalitions of Third Party, Industry, and Ideological Allies
IDing and Deploying Sympathetic Experts
Generating and Promoting Studies
Research Efforts including Opposition Research and Intelligence Gathering
Lobbying Key Decision-Makers

We can integrate any or all these service providers, providing a single point of contact, unified reporting tailored to internal audiences, message discipline across the entire campaign, and extraordinary decision-making speed and implementation.

Let us help you manage your issues.

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