Need to manage issues in the media? IMI draws on its campaign manager’s experience at Hill & Knowlton, as a Hill Press Secretary, and in the Communications shop of a national Party Committee. IMI excels at punching messages through the clutter of the day’s news.

The firm helps clients generate press coverage in targeted publications that affect the campaign’s decision-makers. Whether working with your spokespeople or third-party allies, IMI has the local connections and the issue-specific expertise to get you ink – or links.

When earned media just isn’t enough, IMI can also work to design and run paid media campaigns – from TV to radio to print to the Internet. Advertising agencies know how to create an ad; IMI knows how to incorporate them as part of a campaign.

Before talking to the first reporter or cutting the first ad, IMI can help develop and test a powerful message, and then craft a panoply of written materials and collaterals based on that message. We all know that message is king; but IMI knows the systematic way campaign managers select which messages to crown, and how to introduce them to their subjects.

Take advantage of IMI’s ability to harness the media. Or become part of IMI’s ever-expanding media network.

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