Need someone to manage deep-dive research on your issues? IMI is headed by a credentialed academic researcher with a network of others. IMI can provide you with research support for all aspects of your public policy campaign, including opposition research and deployment.

The firm serves up fully-formed reports on all manner of issues, helping clients lay the groundwork for upcoming efforts.

In addition, IMI feeds background information into the leadership and operations of every campaign we run. We supplement what our clients give us with news articles, data, and studies that bolster the case we’re making.

The firm maintains a stable of crack opposition researchers that understand political vulnerabilities. When running a campaign, it is crucial to know thyself – but it is also crucial to know thy opponent.

Finally, we can build intelligence-gathering operations to help you see as quickly and precisely as possible what’s happening on your issues.

Let IMI delve into the background of your issue and find the nuggets you need to win. Or join IMI’s team of researchers and be a part of the solution yourself.

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