Need an asset to manage a grassroots campaign? Let IMI mobilize grassroots support for you. Elected leaders ultimately answer to constituencies, and IMI draws on years of experience persuading those constituencies to reach out to the elected leaders on issues that affect them.

IMI boasts a national and international network of political operatives, many of whom who run campaigns for a living. They can appeal to decision-makers not just based on personal relationships, but by raising the political stakes of any given decision.

Any firm can generate a rush of emails, phone calls or postcards – so much so that now they have virtually no independent impact on Congress in any but the largest campaigns.

By contrast, local operatives identifying the key players in leaders’ electorates that agree with a client, educating them, and mobilizing them can have a tectonic impact on those leaders’ decisions. And when coupled with online and offline activation, that impact can be even greater.

Bring the weight of American democracy to bear on those making decisions that affect you. Or join us in helping mobilize that grassroots support.

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