Need help building or managing a coalition? IMI offers clients the ability to swarm allies around their issues, and deploy those allies to bring about a broad array of policy changes. Decision-makers rarely want to help a single entity. A diverse and varied coalition almost always meets with more success.

The firm excels at recruiting third party, industry, and ideological allies for its clients. IMI can identify those groups that would be sympathetic to you from any angle. And the firm maintains a stable of operatives with ties to every corner of the policy world: conservatives, progressives, issue-specific NGOs, free-marketeers, anti-tax activists, military organizations, consumer groups, industry trade associations, you name it. And IMI can build and manage coalition entities themselves, handling for you the legal, governance, and financial challenges such endeavors inevitably entail.

Bring more voices to your debate. Or, if you bring voices to the debate for a living, join us in serving our clients.

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