Got issues at the federal level? IMI can leverage its founder’s knowledge and relationships from four tours on Capitol Hill, including as a House Chief of Staff, to help you handle them. Get IMI’s help to bring targeted Members of Congress or Administration decision-makers around to your view, either directly or by identifying allies and getting them to speak out, including both online and at the state and local level, to bring grassroots voices to bear in the debate.

IMI has helped a major national client pass a piece of legislation estimated to increase U.S. trade with the small target country by $1 billion. For another Federal client, one of the nation’s largest trade associations, IMI crafted an entire healthcare policy from scratch, pulling together issue experts’ input into a master report with research, recommendations, and a path forward.

Over the years, IMI’s campaign manager ran a winning year-long campaign culminating in a U.S. Senate vote that saved a client $3.8 billion in a single year and denied the client’s foreign competitors a $4.4 billion windfall. He organized grassroots support for a bill that was associated with his client industry’s profit increasing $8 billion in six months. And he helped fight off a measure that by one estimate would have depressed his clients’ product prices by 30%.

Don’t just lobby an issue. Use an integrated strategy that brings real urgency to it. Or join our team today, and help us bring that urgency yourself.

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